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Big City, Big Sky

Since moving to Harlem and enjoying a view of the city that stretches from southwest to northeast, looking out from the ninth floor at the roofline level of many buildings, I have been overwhelmed by the magnitude and majesty of the sky behind and over those buildings.

Even a city like New York, which fancies itself the center of the universe, the energy source for all creative endeavors, the hub of the human world’s economy, even a megalopolis like New York is dwarfed by the sky, the infinite sky, the ever-changing beautiful sky.

So, my blog, as you may have surmised, will be mostly photographs of that big sky that hovers over the Big Apple and continuously changes its colors and cloud. Within the captions of the photos an occasional opinion may sneak in. I hope to start up dialogs with people about art and beauty and the whole damn thing.

Gary Conger